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Package Description

NOTE: You can only purchase this subscription rank if you own Emperor permanently. Upon purchase, you will only keep the following rank for thirty (30) days, which is equivalent to a month.


  • Previous Rank Permissions.
  • Ability to use /nick
  • Ability to use /size
  • Ability to use /lockinventory
  • Ability to use /onlinebank
  • Ability to use /rename
  • Ability to use /privatevault (Disclaimer:  Once your subscription finishes, you will lose access to your private vault unless renewed.)


  • [EMPERIUM] - Prefix in-game.
  • Golden Nametag in-game.
  • EMPERIUM- Role on discord  (Contact an Admin to claim).
  • Able to change nicknames on the server discord.
  • Instant Crate Opening. (Sneak and click the crate.)
  • Ability to toggle on/off join messages.
  • Auto GG (when killing a player in the warzone).
  • Ability to set custom titles in /titles.


  • 60,000 9810deed942a3133c42c42977617614c59dce841.pngIn-Game Coins.