3rd Party Gift-Cards

Third Party Gift-cards

You are seeing this page because you probably want to purchase something from our store using a third-party gift-card such as Itunes Gift-card. Currently we only accept the following gift-cards with the mentioned available regions:

Accepted Regions
1bc5b003122190e41fe1f58936e5011881c5e3b6.png iTunes
US ($), UK (£) & IE (€)
7d0519d449671b153d28b2da9bd38c5f410e6369.png Amazon
US ($), UK (£) & IE (€)
3cf7cd7a3e2ae6b38faf56df9acb032f1e7d56d5.png Xbox
US ($), UK (£) & IE (€)
45e054942193c51432351c9f4797f6a1ba0e0368.png Steam
US ($), UK (£) & IE (€)
US ($), UK (£) & IE (€)
02fed6d465695d2bd02484301afc9316d6283466.png Google
UK (£) & IE (€)

What's the redeem process?

Our gift-card redeeming system is fairly easy, we call it trading. In easy words, you can trade any gift-card listed above for an Emperials Store Gift-card. Simply contact one of the appropriate receivers listed below on discord:

 Receiver Contact Information (Discord)
United States/US ($)
 Shelly (Shelly#0001)
United Kingdom/UK (£)
Twisted (Twisted#6246) & Frost (FrostByte#6178)
Ireland/IE (€)
Chieduo (chieduo#9644)

For example, if you would like to trade your iTunes ($) gift-card, you will need to contact Shelly (Shelly#0001)